Little Kids Preschool

Little Kids Preschool is a private and multicultural preschool where committed teachers work to create a fun, safe and educational preschool stay. Where the individual child's learning and development is at the center. Warm welcome!


På Little Kids Preschool har vi utbildade barnskötare och legitimerade förskollärare

som tillhandahåller en trygg omsorg och en god pedagogisk miljö för ert barn. 


Little Kids Preschool is a bilingual preschool with focus on English and Swedish.

Outdoor pedagogy

Our outdoor environment is well planned for children's motor training with plenty of space for play, learning, movement, creativity and imagination as well as protection from the weather. 

Department Skogen

Older children's department with children aged 3-5 years.

Department Havet

Younger children's department with children between the ages of 1-2.

Department Blomman

Mellanbarnsavdelning med barn i åldern 2-4 år.

Our vision

A place for everyone

With committed teachers, we work every day to create a fun, safe and educational preschool stay for your child, regardless of cultural background. We want all children to feel at home and involved in the community.

Joy & learning

We work with conducting an educational activity and fulfill all the preschool's goals even outside the preschool's premises. To help us, we have our beautiful local environment that provides stimulating variety where the children play and experience things together while they learn about nature and develop cognitive, motor, And social emotional skills. 

The board of Little Kids Preschool

Oyenmwen ”Uwa” Ileso


Mats Olsson

The Chairman of the Board of Trustees

Isaac Ileso

Head principal

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