About us

We are an independent & multicultural preschool

Little Kids Preschool is a private and multicultural preschool where committed teachers work to create fun, safety and educational preschool environment. Where the individual child's learning and development is at the centre. Warm welcome! 

Förskolans lokaler är nybyggda och belägen i vackra och naturnära Lövgärdet, Angered. Förskolan består av tre avdelningar vid namn Skogen, Havet & Blomman.

We are growing with capacity up to:

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Play surface

A day with us

7:00 a.m. Preschool opens

08:00 a.m. Breakfast

09:15 a.m. Circle Time 

10:00 a.m. Outdoor Activities 

11:30 a.m. Lunch Time

12:00 Sleep time

2:15 p.m. Snack Time

14:45-17:00 Outdoor/indoor activities

Our departments

Little Kids Preschool consists of three departments called Skogen, Havet and Blomman. Skogen och Blomman are wards for children with children aged 3-5 and Havet is a ward for children with children aged 1-2.

The preschool's regular opening hours are from 07: 00-17: 00, however, the preschool offers the children who need care to the extent needed with regard to the guardians' work or studies. 


We speak the Swedish language at our preschool all to promote children's Swedish language development. Our focus is also on the children's mother tongue and the English language. On Monday's and Wednesday's we speak English with the children.

At Little Kids Preschool, the most important thing is to have fun together in the conquest of the language. At the preschool, there are educators who speak Arabic, Kurdish, Bosnian, Somali, etc. 


At Little Kids Preschool, we use the Tyra app, an educational tool to promote collaboration between preschool and home. Through the app, guardians can fill in the schedule for the child's stay, make absences, see important dates and events, gain access to general information about the activity and information that is aimed directly at individual guardians.

With the app, guardians also have the opportunity to read the monthly letter, equal treatment plan and the preschool's values, etc. In addition, the guardians can also gain an insight and be involved in the children's everyday life through blog posts and digital portfolios. The educators document the children's learning and development together with the children. Each post in the blog or portfolio gets a direct connection to different goals in the curriculum and the Convention on the Rights of the Child. The Tyra app and the curriculum goals are available in different languages. The guardians also have the option to like and comment through the app.

Read more about Tyra here.

Outdoor pedagogy 

Little Kids Preschool outdoor environment is well planned for children's physical training, there is room for play, learning, movement, creativity, imagination and protection from the weather. The playground is designed with swings, slide, sandpits, seesaw and pallet collars. The preschool's outdoor environment also consists of a large open green area. The large green area enables the children's play, movement, exploration, imagination and creativity where the children can run, jump, play football, crawl and play freely. 

At Little Kids Preschool, we take care of our beautiful local environment. Together with the children, we visit our nature reserve, forests, parks, lake, football pitches and playgrounds in the immediate area. The purpose is to conduct educational activities and fulfill the preschool's goals even outside the preschool's premises. When children stay outdoors, play and experience things, children learn about nature at the same time as they develop motor, social and emotional. 

We give the children the opportunity to grow in our pallet collars. According to the preschool's curriculum, Lpfö 18, the preschool must lay the foundation for an interest in sustainable development and an understanding of nature's cycle. By giving children the opportunity to grow, children can follow a plant's life cycle from seed to finished vegetable, plant or fruit.


At Little Kids Preschool, we aim for the food to be good, nutritious and varied. A weekly menu must contain vegetarian food, meat, fish and soup. The drinks served at the preschool are water and milk. Fruit and vegetables are served every day.


Breakfast is served every morning between 8 a.m. and 8.30 a.m. and varies between porridge, eggs with hot chocolate, yogurt with cereal. Every day we serve sandwiches with different toppings.

Fruit time

In the mornings, the children eat different fruits.


ISS is responsible for delivering the food. The food is delivered hot to the preschool premises before lunchtime.

Snack time

Snacks are served in the afternoons. The menu varies, usually sandwiches are served with different toppings, as well as vegetables. Pancakes are served on some days.

 School milk subsidy

We receive school milk subsidies from the EU. In order to receive a share of the school milk subsidy, the preschool must educate the children about the environment, agriculture and about sustainable and good food.

Are you passionate about guiding and helping children in their development?

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You are warmly welcome to apply for a position with us! We are looking for enthusiastic, educated and legitimized teachers. 

Also attach police record extracts in accordance with the Education Act. You order this via the Police's website here.